David Slone Talks about the Journey Called Life

David SloneFor David Slone, 95% of life is a journey which he has enjoyed tremendously. David Slone is the proud husband and father of two, and he is convinced that focusing on the journey rather than the destination is what really matters. David Slone is grateful for an incredible career which has spanned over 20 years and led him to some of the greatest work places in the country. As an entrepreneur and former President of Macrosystem US, David Slone describes life as a remarkable journey that takes us on many paths; some happy, some sad, some even painful.  Regardless, David Slone believes that a positive outlook on life motivates us to do great things.

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David Slone Describes Christmas Village Tradition

David SloneQ: When did your family’s Christmas Village tradition first begin?
David Slone: My mother created a Christmas Village more than three decades ago as an extension of her love for the holidays. The Christmas Village began small, but soon morphed into a major spectacle. When I got married about 25 years ago, I started my own village. Each year – especially after the kids were born – I added a new element to the proceedings.
Q: What are the most recent developments in the village?
David SloneDavid Slone: In the last 10 years, I have expanded it to take up our entire living room. There are some exciting new features including a city with a train station, as well as a mountain with a running river.
Q: How long does it take to erect the village?
David Slone: It requires about seven days to set up the whole village. My mother passed away just a few years ago, so this year I have incorporated her village into mine. As a result, there is a complete section of the village that has buildings dating back more than 30 years. Continue reading

David Slone Encourages Pain Sufferers to Try Alternative Health Product Laminine

David SloneAccording to David Slone, many consumers are scouring the nutritional market for alternative therapies, supplements and diets. They hope to experience a major impact on their health and wellness by shifting their bodies out of a degenerative state.

Utilizing such methods can be extremely difficult, says David Slone. Depending on the severity of one’s condition, a product on the market might potentially reverse a problematic situation. Slone explains that Laminine is a revolutionary product that works to reverse the degenerative decline of all people. According to David Slone, users have reported incredible results with this product for a variety of reasons. Those who were saddled with serious depression say they no longer feel depressed. Others who suffered from sleep disorders are now getting a full night’s rest. Some who spent years battling indigestion and stomach pain are able to enjoy their favorite foods. A wide array of benefits has occurred by using this product on a regular basis, notes David Slone. Continue reading

David Slone – Leading in Tough Times

David SloneIn depressed economies and down times, it is only natural to want to shrink back, cut expenses and tighten your belts.  Over the past few years, and probably for the next few years, companies (dealers) have and will continue to cut marketing and people.  It is only natural for owners, CEOs and managers to think this way.  If we have the money, we better hold on to it until things get a little better, right?

This is cowardly thinking and not fit for a true leader.  Now is the time to actually grow your business and increase your market share.   It is contrary to popular thinking, but only the companies that buck the trends will get the benefits.

When your competitors are cutting back and “digging in” for the down times, it would be wise, almost cunning, to take advantage of that and steal some of their market-share.  As many companies feel the pinch and react in fear, it will be the companies that wisely respond with courage that will win big.  The majority of growth during this time is not going to come from the total market increasing substantially but from growing your share of the current market.  While most dealers die a slow death, some will grow their sales, their market share and even their reach.  What do I mean by reach?  Some dealers, who are financially able, will find that this is the time to expand, buy dealers that are scared or retreating and take advantage of innovative, “outside of the box” ideas.

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David Slone | The New Breed of Automobile Sales Professional

David SloneRemember the days when car salesmen ranked right up there with lawyers? I must admit, there was a time when auto sales were close to the bottom of the barrel but times are changing! As in any profession, there are still bad apples and you still have to make sure you are dealing with a good sales person.

The adoption of the internet by the masses, more transparency from dealers, the tough economy and many other factors have forced car salesmen to step up their game or find a new profession.

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David Slone | New Automobile Trends for 2013

David Slone

David Slone serves as the Sales Manager for Weld County Garage. In this Q&A, David Slone discusses his vision for the dealership and shares his optimism about the automobile industry for 2013.

Q: Good morning, David Slone. Thank you for speaking with us today. 

David Slone: My pleasure.

Q: David Slone, please tell us what brought you to Weld County Garage and what you envision for the future with your company? You are the general sales manager for the dealership, correct?

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Wedding Photographer David Slone Gives Tips to Newbies

David SlonePhotography is more than a hobby to many shutterbugs. For some, it is a part of life. David Slone, of Like Father, Like Daughter Photography, is one of those individuals. Here he offers tips to new photographers who long to improve their photos.

Q: How long have you been shooting pictures?

David Slone: For as long as I can remember I have been interested in what makes a great photo. Early in my 25-year marriage, my wife and I owned a wedding and event video production company and from there it just turned into other things.

Q: What makes a picture great?

David Slone: There are many factors that play into what makes a photo great. One of the biggest is lighting. Once you master lighting, you’re on your way to becoming a great photographer.

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David Slone Discusses Road Schooling – A Wonderful Educational Alternative

David Slone

When David Slone was offered a position with Macrosystem US to become their product representative, he had a lot to consider. The new position would require him to travel the country to meet with video dealers, but he was married with two small children. However, David Slone was able to bring his whole family with him. Macrosystem US purchased a motor home for the Slone family and they traveled all over the country for almost an entire year.  David Slone watched as his wife Stacey road schooled their two young children.  David Slone describes this period as “the greatest year in their lives.”

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