David Slone Offers Car Maintenance Tips

David SloneIn his time as General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager for Weld County Garage, David Slone has seen plenty of cars come into the shop with problems. In this brief article, David Slone offers several tips that can extend a car’s service life and lower the drain on your wallet.

1. Regular oil changes: According to David Slone, manufacturers used to recommend an interval of 3000 miles, but newer cars can go as long as 5000-6000 miles and even longer with synthetic oils; it is very important to check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes can prevent sludgy deposits that can wear out your engine’s internal parts, says David Slone.

2. Check tire pressure: This easy tip from David Slone can save a car owner a great deal of money. Under-inflated tires will make a car drive and handle poorly, will wear out prematurely, and can cost a penalty in fuel economy.

3. Go easy: This tip, David Slone notes, is common sense. Hard acceleration, sudden braking or taking bumps and railroad tracks too fast are all hard on a vehicle. Ever notice how older drivers hang onto their cars for years, asks David Slone? That’s because they “drive like older people.”

4. Front-end alignment: David Slone recommends a yearly front-end alignment, commenting that an out-of-spec front end affects drivability and handling, and wears out tires quickly.

5. Keep a clean air filter: David Slone says that clean air filters save money in fuel and give an overall better performance. And, according to David Slone, the air filter is cheap and easy to change!

With David Slone as General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager, Weld County Garage has risen to be one of the top Buick/GMC dealership in the entire Western region, as well as ranking in the top twenty volume used car dealers in the state of Colorado.