David Slone Discusses Road Schooling – A Wonderful Educational Alternative

David Slone

When David Slone was offered a position with Macrosystem US to become their product representative, he had a lot to consider. The new position would require him to travel the country to meet with video dealers, but he was married with two small children. However, David Slone was able to bring his whole family with him. Macrosystem US purchased a motor home for the Slone family and they traveled all over the country for almost an entire year.  David Slone watched as his wife Stacey road schooled their two young children.  David Slone describes this period as “the greatest year in their lives.”

Road schooling is a home school education alternative generally done by a parent traveling full-time, explains David Slone. Road schooling provides a wonderful hands-on experience for learning.  Flexibility is an important part of road schooling, according to David Slone. There are hundreds of opportunities on the road to teach our kids about history and life, points out David Slone. On the road, says Slone, parents have to grab opportunities when they see them. Parents can study nature by facilitating a hike in a national park to observe plants firsthand instead of just looking at books.

The best way for homeschooling parents to teach their children about history, says David Slone, is to take them to different historic sites. Instead of just reading about the facts, students can tour actual historical sites.

David Slone speaks from experience when he says that parents are offered many opportunities regarding teaching decisions for their children when mapping out a road schooling plan. Having a plan is necessary, says David Slone.