David Slone Describes Christmas Village Tradition

David SloneQ: When did your family’s Christmas Village tradition first begin?
David Slone: My mother created a Christmas Village more than three decades ago as an extension of her love for the holidays. The Christmas Village began small, but soon morphed into a major spectacle. When I got married about 25 years ago, I started my own village. Each year – especially after the kids were born – I added a new element to the proceedings.
Q: What are the most recent developments in the village?
David SloneDavid Slone: In the last 10 years, I have expanded it to take up our entire living room. There are some exciting new features including a city with a train station, as well as a mountain with a running river.
Q: How long does it take to erect the village?
David Slone: It requires about seven days to set up the whole village. My mother passed away just a few years ago, so this year I have incorporated her village into mine. As a result, there is a complete section of the village that has buildings dating back more than 30 years. 
Q: What are the prominent features of the village?
David SloneDavid Slone: The village consists of cars, animals, mountains, hundreds of miniature people, a ski slope, a river, a pond, a train station and more than 75 buildings. Most of the pieces have been purchased from St. Nicholas Square Village.
Q: How do you share your Christmas village with family members and friends?
David Slone: The best part about this special occasion is seeing the faces of children light up as they stroll through the village. Over the last few years, we have hosted an open house where all family members, friends and neighbors can visit and experience the village. The sense of Christmas spirit is quite magical.